Top 3 Reception Related Budget Saving Tips

This January, our blog and video theme has been Wedding Budgets…

If you missed the videos, you can create your wedding budget in 3 Minutes, and check out the Top 5 Unexpected Expenses that will blow your wedding budget, here:

The percentages in our spreadsheet and in the video are a great starting point, but the TRUTH is that a wedding budget can be just as unique as your wedding. When you sit down and decide that you want to invest in most, and what you care very little about, those percentages can change quite a bit.

I met with a couple just today, who is only allocating 1-2% on artificial flowers (instead of that 5-10%) and putting all the rest of the money into the DJ and the decor. There are no real rules in wedding planning. Everything can flex and make way for your style and your priorities. Don’t forget that!

To continue on the wedding budget tips theme….and join it with February’s food theme, here are the Top 3 Food-Related Budget Saving Tips you can implement into your wedding to save a little moo-lah!

 1. Sometimes, buying linen is less expensive then renting it. NOT kidding. So hunt online before you run to the rental company. If you’re in love with fancy linen, they could be $50/each to rent, and might only be $30/each on Amazon. If you’re willing to put in some elbow grease and iron them, go for it!

2. Dessert bars are trendy and De-Lish, but not necessarily budget friendly. When you have a dessert bar, people will try multiple treats, instead of having just one slice of cake. Make sure you’re honest about how many wonderful things you would try, and compare the cost for all the mini pies, cookies, and doughnuts to the cost of a slice of wedding cake if you need to stay in budget.

3. An open bar really does take up a large percent of the budget, and you may not know how much they consumed until after the wedding! To calculate this fare honestly, take the cost of a medium priced drink times the number of 21+ guests, times the number of hours. For some quick math… if drinks average 6-13$ each and your ceremony ends at 6 and the party ends at 12, then $9.5 x 100 adults x 6 hours is $5700. A less expensive option might be to host specific items, ie. 2 kegs and 3 cases of wine, which might run closer to $1500 and let them buy their own Lemon Drop Martini. 😉

Ah Food— the way to my heart is through my stomach. There is no better thing to talk about in the month of love! <3

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