Wedding Tips from the Photo & Video Duo

Meet Emily of Emily Joanne Wedding Films & Photography

Emily & Seiji are a wonderful husband and wife team, who work seamlessly together to capture memories on your day. I have worked with them many times, and they always seem to read each other’s minds. I get to see married couples and couples in love and getting married every day…. but you know it takes something special to be in love and be in business together. They’re so talented!! Emily has some great things to share about wedding planning, working with a planner. and photography.

Why should a couple hire a wedding planner? A great planner just makes the wedding day flow so much easier for everyone involved. The attention to detail alone is worth having a one. There are just SO many things going on on the wedding day, and the planner is like the director, making sure everything happens when it’s supposed to. When things go off the rails, as can often happen at weddings, a planner makes sure that problems get solved quickly and helps avoid chaos and confusion.

What could I (Alena) do that would make your life/job easier and better on a wedding day? Okay, the truth is, Alena is my favorite! I can’t say enough how having her on the wedding day makes my job easier. I think the number one thing she does so well is communicate. She is constantly filling us in on important details, making sure we know what’s happening, who to connect with, where things are, the list is endless. Not only is she there to tackle the general issues that arise on the day of the wedding, but she’s constantly making sure every vendor has what they need and is prepared to do their jobs well. I know any wedding I work with Alena that it’s going to be a great day, and that’s fantastic.

Anything else? I’ve also had the pleasure to work with Alena many times planning shoots. She has saved my life so many times! I’m constantly amazed by her knowledge within the industry and of local businesses and resources, and her ability to make things happen. She has a gift!

What do you wish potential couples would ask you when they meet with you? There are so many lists out there of what to ask your photographer with a lot of great questions, and I think finding out how professional someone is and what their turnaround times are is important stuff, but I think one of the most important things about choosing the right photographer is finding someone you connect with. Your photographer(s) and videographer(s) are going to be with you for your entire wedding day. Choose someone who really cares about you and your wedding day, and that you actually want to be around.

What do you wish couples knew when they walked in the door? How much we love what we do and want to create the most amazing imagery for them!

What’s your specialty? and/or How would you describe your style of photography? I specialize in wedding and beauty photography (think modern glamour shots!). My style is romantic, kind of a mix between modern and classic, and I’m obsessed with deep rich tones. I’m not the light and airy photographer, I love color and using light to create a lot of visual interest.

Why do photographers charge so much? This question makes me laugh! I could go on and on about everything that makes a business run, and all the cost involved. The man hours to run a photography business and create a beautiful end product is astounding, so much more than most people think. The shoot/wedding day itself is just the tip of the iceberg. All of those things are important factors that go into how much we charge, but there is another element. A great photographer is a skilled artisan and a historian of sorts. In weddings, we are capturing true once in a lifetime moments. We want to do our best, devote our time to creating beautiful imagery, and giving you a piece of ourselves along the way.

How can I know a photographer is a pro and not just a hobbyist? This is where the technical stuff comes in. How well do they know their gear, how many weddings have they done, what kind of experience do they have?

What’s your dream place to work someday? I think I have more dream couples than dream places. Of course I’d love to work in all the beautiful places across the world, but it’s the people that really draw me. A couple who loves my work, and are really in love with each other, and I’m good! My other answer is Iceland. 🙂 ha ha.

Is it better to hire someone local or a traveling/destination photographer? Truthfully, I think it’s most important to find someone whose work you love. There are advantages to both a local and a destination photographer, so go with who you want!

What things should a couple run by their photographer before moving forward/booking/deciding? Definitely talk to your photographer about your timeline, and what is most important to you about your wedding photos. If you hire someone who specializes in natural light but your wedding is scheduled after sunset, you might find yourself in a bind with a photographer who won’t be able to create their best work. Make sure your vision for your photos lines up with what your photographer can create, and after that TRUST them to be able to create it.

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