How to Survive the Holidays while Planning your Wedding

You get used to hearing “Bride-to-be” and it sends a little joyous butterfly down your tummy; but “in-laws to be” doesn’t always create that same happy feeling…

When all the extended family starts asking questions about your wedding this holiday season, you have a few choices. You can pass the mashed potatoes and try to change the subject, you can relish in the attention, or you can try to answer honestly until the opinions flowing your way are thicker then the cold gravy on the table.

Although they have the best of intentions, family tends to get into the habit of offering you hand me downs from other weddings, making couples feel anxious and behind schedule, or pressuring my couples into inviting aunt sue to the wedding because she showed up for the holidays this year even though no one has seen her in over 30 years.

These are the answers I suggest you tuck in your back pocket:

If they ask you something you don’t know or haven’t thought about yet: Say I don’t know. I have a meeting with my wedding planner/venue/other wedding pro after the holidays. She told me to take this month off because we’re ahead in other areas. Pulling out the expert card =gold!

If they offer you hand me downs you don’t want: Say thank you, but I already have one in mind that I found on Pinterest and I’m planning to get it after the holidays. Also, if they start asking what you don’t have yet, don’t let them lead you down the rabbit hole, just say you’re planning to put the items you don’t have yet on your registry. (This will ensure if grandma wants dibs on getting you a cake cutting set, she can still do that and still pick one you’ll love.)

If they ask you about events surrounding the wedding: Tell them who is in charge of hosting that event, and suggest they ask him/her instead. It will help put responsibility on other people, or announce to the family in the most polite way that no one has volunteered to host the shower yet, so you don’t know who will be hosting it…

If you get really stuck, colors and venue are the easy topics, but the best is people. No one has met me or your DJ or your photographer, so they can’t have any opinions on whether or not we’re a good or bad choice! So, that’s the safest go to topic. Any vendor you’ve already hired, feel free to rave away. Seriously. I can’t wait to hear how it goes!! Tell me all about it on Facebook & Instagram!