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Are you stumped and pulling your hair out because your mom or future mother-in-law or bridesmaid just. keeps. pushing. for those ugly bridesmaid dresses?

Are you frustrated with family drama and trying to figure out how to deal?

Are you in a sticky situation where you need to keep divorced family separate from each other during family photos?

Did you pick a married couple to be wedding attendants and now they’re getting divorced, right before your wedding?

Ask Alena what to do. 

With over 7 years of experience seeing brides and families work things out… she’ll know what to do. Free advice from the premier wedding planner in New Mexico. Voted best in New Mexico 4 years in a row by local brides.

There are no stupid questions.

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  • I'm not close with my dad and I'm super close with my step-dad. I want my step-dad to walk me down the aisle but I know it will hurt my dad. Could I have them both walk me down the aisle? What do I do?!
  • (distressedindukecity)

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There are some amazing things cooking behind the scenes at Alena Swanson LLC! We are collecting questions from #brides and #grooms about how to navigate tough relationships and drama that makes you want to turn into a #bridezilla. Send them over, forward to a struggling friend. What tough situation can she help you through?

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