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Planning Your Wedding

If you are a bride or couple planning your own wedding, you can get exactly what you need in these courses. Built with the DIY Bride in mind, these quick courses will help you plan your wedding from beginning to end.

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Become a Wedding Planner

If you want to become a wedding planner, and don’t know where to start, now you do— these courses let you learn at your own pace, in your jammies! Receive a Certificate in Wedding Planning – Coming August, 2017! OR Meet with Alena for private coaching- available NOW! 

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Planning for Life!

Learning for life means a constant desire to grow and be mindful of the inner workings of why you do what you do, and how we relate with the world.

Step 1: Follow Alena’s Podcast at AlenaBard.com/Podcast

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Life is a search for your true self and accomplished by dedicating time to self-care, self-improvement, and self-awareness. These courses give you all the benefits of Alena’s spiritual retreats and workshops in the privacy of your own home on your own schedule. You can also create a life plan, with solid spiritual direction & concierge pastoral services by making Alena your personal spiritual director.

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Planning for Business Success - Coming June, 2017!

Whether you’re just starting out or have a business you’re ready to take to the “next level”, Alena’s personal courses and business advice can help you do more than just get by. No matter your trade, her candid experience and confidence will inspire you to build out of your strengths and explore WHY you do what you do and HOW to do it in new and exciting ways! You can also make Alena your personal coach and explore your business development one-on-one with personal guidance. Meet with Alena for private coaching- available NOW! 

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