Your peace of mind is priceless. Investments begin at $2,500.

Wedding Direction

Mini Partial Planning Package

Wedding Direction is like having a mini-me on your big day. Alena Swanson LLC will typically attend final meetings and coordinate details with vendors during the last 4 weeks before the wedding. Then, on the big day, will typically confirm correct setup of 1 or 2 locations, confirm arrival of vendors, ensure gifts make it home safely, and keep an eye on everything in between. This level of service is about preventing mistakes and ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Wedding Direction includes:

  • Initial meeting to book and interview clients.
  • Up to 15 hours of planning and communication between booking and the day before the event, including attendance at the final meetings with service vendors (caterer/venue, photo/video, DJ, as needed).
  • Coordination of the wedding rehearsal.
  • Coordination of the wedding day.

At the beginning, when you book, I can help a with setting up a budget and giving you a list of tips, tools, and the perfect wedding pros. In the middle (6-3 months), I can create a smooth day-of timeline and ensure you’re not struggling with the planning schedule or missing important elements. I love the excitement involved in the very end (1-2 months), when we look for last-minute holes in the plan and meet with all your wedding pros! Hopefully, that last week, you can finally clock out & remove all the weight from your shoulders and hand it over to your new mini-me!

Wedding Guidance

Partial Planning

Rather then a strict list of “tasks” Alena Swanson LLC will complete on your behalf, partial planning is still completely customized for your event and personality. Alena’s goal is to fill in the gaps and find areas where her expertise is needed, and leave the “easy” things up to you. Partial planning means Alena Swanson LLC can assist with booking and finding wedding pros, planning the event layout or conducting site visits, help with the budget, etiquette, and design… help create invitations, design timelines, select and find decor, manage details, keep you on track each month with monthly planning meetings, or something completely different!

In partial planning, I want to be a true partner in your wedding planning process, and 50% of the wedding planning takes roughly 40 hours. This partial planning package includes those 40 hours to ensure I feel confident I will know everything I need to know about your wedding, while you focus on the things that really matter- writing vows, picking music, and taking care of DIY things with your besties. In Partial Planning, I have time to ensure your peace of mind throughout the planning process, can take the tedious “scheduling” communication with wedding pros off your hands, and can still attend all the important “decision making” meetings with wedding pros. This means you can choose if you want help wording the invitation, answering etiquette questions, calming mom, reviewing contracts, or only help discerning value from cost in the wedding industry…since you only do it once!

Partial Planning packages can be custom quoted for your needs and type of event, and services can always be added later, if you need additional planning hours.

Wedding Management

Full Service Wedding Planning

Full service planning is an elite and meaningful experience that is always custom quoted.

This package typically includes everything in the Wedding Direction Package, plus:
-80 additional hours of planning.
-Both coordination and design roles, including providing layouts, design boards, and more.
-2 Coordinators on the wedding day.
-Holding both the day before and the day after your event, ensuring you are the only event we have on our schedule during your wedding weekend, so that we can help plan surrounding events as well.

There is a $300 design fee for Alena Swanson LLC to provide you with a custom full service quote. The $300 will be applied to your initial deposit should you choose to move forward to booking.

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