Meet Alena [Ah-Lee-Nah]

Planner Mode

I am a wedding planner because I love people! I love having a special front row seat in your love story and I love staying in touch after the big day. I think weddings should reflect you and what you love about each other. The feel: fun, down to earth, elegant, silly, or nerdy has no effect on formality unless you want it to! A wedding can be an experience for guests, where they are truly invited to witness your life-long love story. I love watching couples walk down the aisle and sending them off with fireworks at the end. . . .

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I love wearing the many different hats that wedding planning requires. I am incapable of explaining my services the same way twice because, in many ways, I am whatever my clients need me to be. Some brides need a stand-in BFF to bounce around ideas and all the wedding etiquette and logistics that come naturally to me…other couples need a crisis prevention management specialist. I balance both well. In any role, I always see myself as a stage manager or director, coordinating everything behind the scenes, while the couple shines in the spotlight.

Clients tell me I bring a confident, reassuring, and calming presence with me. I protect the peace and pack the German shepherd side of me, but I only pull it out when needed. I am trained to shield you from the ambush or confusion of other vendors.

I strongly believe that anything is possible with the right amount of time and resources.

I learn quickly, so no matter the culture or family dynamics, you can trust me to jump right in and keep pace.

I see myself as a personal conflict mediator, spiritual director, & engagement life-coach. The main reasons for marital problems relate to money, in-laws, kids, religion, and sex. Every one of those (if you already have kids) is a HUGE part of your wedding, so things can get sticky pretty fast! I can bring a professional outside perspective and new potential solutions for these complicated drama-baskets.
I am just organized and perfectionist enough to notice every detail without being neurotic, while also being creative and able to think outside the box, inspiring new ideas or connecting you to my past experience of “what works well”.

My Most Valuable Wedding Pros (MVWP) tease me about being in “Business-Mode” or “Planner-Mode.” In less public settings, it’s probably what you know as “Get-Sh*t-Done Mode.” I have yet to meet an unfix-able problem. I don’t think I’ve ever approached a couple on a wedding day without a second-best solution. I like making plan B+.

When I began planning my first wedding in 2008, I realized I could fill a hole in the market for a true professional that took wedding planning seriously but was still down to earth. When I was certified in 2009, I had no idea what kind of stressful, joyful, crazy life I’d be walking into. I’ve planned and/or coordinated at least 150 events and I had no idea that I would find so many remarkable people along the way. I hope you’re the next person to call and discover we’re the perfect fit, just like you and your soulmate.

Your new BFF

I love to sleep in; I’m a night owl.

I’m down to earth but have my own unique sense of style. I believe every day is an event worth dressing up to attend, but sometimes it’s an outdoor BBQ kind of day, and you should dress up in flannel & prAna…. And boots. Boots are crucial.

I’m happily married to my best friend and hope your marital bliss will be full of laughter like ours. I did plan the wedding of my dreams and the video is here, hidden on the blog. . . .

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I’m an old soul & love personality tests. I’m an E/INFJ & 8w9 on the Enneagram. (10 points if you know what that means!) My strengths finder is Developer, Achiever, Belief, Connectedness, and Deliberative.

My favorite colors are blue, black, silver, and white…. Could you tell? 🙂

The way to my heart is through my stomach & deep conversation.

I love fall more than any other season because it is boot and poncho and scarf season. And, I love that crisp smell in the air.
I would be happy if all I could drink was espresso (& water) and all I could eat was New Mexican food.

Walking in the ocean barefoot makes me forget the world, in the best of ways.

So does a good book… my favorite book is Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell.

I’m also a Certified Wholistic Kinesiologist and set my sights on whole and balanced wellness: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. My acupuncturist keeps me sane through wedding season. I’m too busy to meditate.

Spiritual relationship is important to me, but I don’t consider myself traditionally religious. I will graduate in April 2016 with a Masters in Spiritual Direction from George Fox Evangelical Seminary in Portland, OR. (Yes, I do live, work, and study in ABQ!) Spiritual Direction gives me the opportunity to speak intuitively about day-to-day lives along their milestone events. Starting in March 2016, I will be offering Concierge Pastoral Services & Spiritual Direction to couples and individuals while planning and teaching spiritual retreats, conferences, & classes.